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Discover the Costa Del Sol and let the Bay of Malaga seduce you. Unique sensations in a sun soaked setting.

Malaga is culture, good weather, fun and, of course, the Costa del Sol. Travel to a city that will stay forever in your memory by the hand of Costa Del Sol Hotel. Our hotel is located in the centre of Malaga, in the area of Caleta, between Paseo de Reding and a wonderful view of the city that will make your stay a unique experience.

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Costa Del Sol Hotel was built in 1974, and since then, it has been offering the best in order to obtain the maximum level of customer satisfaction, which is the company’s pillar.

To achieve this, we have an excellent team of professionals who are qualified and committed to ensuring that customers have a great experience during their stay, whether for business or while on vacation. On top of that, we also have a strategic location that is very well connected with the entire city.

Following four decades of experience in the sector, the Costa Del Sol Hotel makes a continuous effort to improve the quality of its products and services every day.